Ford Fusion: Technology That Saves Time and Fuel

The Ford Fusion is a popular midsize sedan that is equipped with technology to help save you time, money, and gas. The Ford & Wave and the EV Mode systems are just two of the features Ford uses to do this.

The Ford & Wave is a unique system that gathers information from crowd sourcing sites and traffic apps. The information is available to the driver via mobile devices or the hands free car console. Types of information relayed are traffic jams, roadblocks or hazards, and accidents. 

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Look to Ford Certified for Reliable Pre-Owned Vehicles

Reliability is one of the common things people search for when they’re shopping for a pre-owned vehicle. The popular Ford Certified Pre-Owned program is designed to supply the reliable, late-model cars the consumer wants.

In the Charlottesville area, you can see a wide selection of Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles at Malloy Ford. Every one of the vehicles in the program has been given a 172-point inspection by our Ford-certified technicians to bring it into top mechanical condition. 

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Ford Focus Electric Performance Features to Enhance Your Commute

Driving an electric car brings a sense of fun and excitement to your daily ride while saving the environment. However, with some newer models of electric cars, you may wonder how well they perform on the road with all of this newer technology. Fortunately, the Ford Focus Electric hatchback car has impressive performance features that are worth pointing out.

The advances in charging technology have helped improve the handling of the Ford Focus Electric. For example, the brakes have a regenerative system and an electronic assist for sudden stops. 

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Ford Fusion Energi: Exciting Performance Features

Look a little closer at the Ford Fusion Energi, and you will discover that the performance features are making this popular plug-in hybrid stand out in the crowd. There are a few reasons that the new Ford Fusion Energi has the LED taillamps and headlamps. If you need to travel on the roads at night or in dense fog, the lights make it easier to see in front of you. Regardless of the conditions, these lights are going to make it easier for other drivers to be able to easily see your vehicle too. 

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Navigate Cities in the Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a versatile van that has three rows of seating. This family-friendly model is perfect for short trips in the city.

The Ford Transit Connect is equipped with an advanced braking system that's optimized for urban and suburban areas with heavy traffic. With some help from the Emergency Brake Assist, you might be able to stop the vehicle on short notice. The Hill Start Assist gives you confidence to park this van on an inclined road. 

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Discover the Convenience of the 2018 Super Duty's Technology

With the 2018 model of the Super Duty, Ford has taken every opportunity to make work more convenient with technologies ranging from Trailer Reverse Guidance to a remote-controlled tailgate. Explore the Ford Super Duty for sale at Malloy Ford today!

Ford's advanced technologies make the Super Duty work smarter as well as harder. The Trailer Tow and Trailer Reverse Guidance systems make towing and backing up with a trailer simpler. 

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Look at These 2018 Ford Expedition Performance Features

Shopping for a new vehicle can be overwhelming if you don’t know what each vehicle that you have in mind has to offer. If you are in the market for a full-size SUV, the Ford Expedition comes with numerous features that make it an excellent choice among full-size SUVs. To learn more about the performance features that come with the new Expedition, please read further.

The new Expedition comes with a Continuously Controlled Damage (CCD) system. This system boosts performance with electronic sensors that detect up to 46 motions. 

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Bold Ford Edge Design Features

The 2018 Ford Edge is a crowd-pleasing mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Bold accents of ambient lighting and leather trimming make this SUV the perfect choice for your new family car.

Leather is trimmed from the front of the SUV to its trunk in the 2018 Edge. Starting with the leather-covered steering wheel, and continuing to each of the leather-embossed seats, comfort is a stylish feature of this new SUV. Comfort continues with floor mats and leather inserts. 

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Ford Focus Packed with Technology Features

The new Ford Focus might be considered by many as a leading compact car on the market, but for others it is a vehicle that comes packed with many useful technology features. These are a couple of those features you'll appreciate during your Charlottesville adventures.

The days of having to wonder if anything or anyone is in your blind spot as you are in reverse is a thing of the past. The new Ford Focus comes standard with the rear view camera for making driving in reverse that much safer. 

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What's On The Inside Of The New Ford C-Max?

If you are looking for an all-around exceptional vehicle, with plenty of space and easy maneuverability in the city, then you should explore the all new Ford C-Max from Malloy Ford. With the Ford C-Max, not only do you get best-in-class passenger volume, you also have enough cargo room for almost anything you want to transport. With a simple adjustment, the second row becomes a 60/40 split seat, allowing for cargo that's a little longer than usual.

You can't help but be comfortable with it's heated front seats and class-exclusive Duel-Zone climate control. 

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