Ford Focus Electric Performance Features to Enhance Your Commute

Driving an electric car brings a sense of fun and excitement to your daily ride while saving the environment. However, with some newer models of electric cars, you may wonder how well they perform on the road with all of this newer technology. Fortunately, the Ford Focus Electric hatchback car has impressive performance features that are worth pointing out.

The advances in charging technology have helped improve the handling of the Ford Focus Electric. For example, the brakes have a regenerative system and an electronic assist for sudden stops. Charging the Ford Focus Electric with the included charging cord is now more accommodating. The SAE J1772 Combo Connector System (CCS) charge port can handle charging on either 120V, 240V and Direct Current (DC Fast Charge). This way, you have ability to re-energize your car in more locations.

Do you feel charged up to try out an electric vehicle? To see these key features of the Ford Focus Electric for yourself, come and visit Malloy Ford in Charlottesville, where we can show you how well it can perform during your commute.



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