Ford Fusion Energi: Exciting Performance Features

Look a little closer at the Ford Fusion Energi, and you will discover that the performance features are making this popular plug-in hybrid stand out in the crowd. There are a few reasons that the new Ford Fusion Energi has the LED taillamps and headlamps. If you need to travel on the roads at night or in dense fog, the lights make it easier to see in front of you. Regardless of the conditions, these lights are going to make it easier for other drivers to be able to easily see your vehicle too.

When you have to bring the Ford Fusion Energi to a sudden stop, you'll appreciate the anti-lock braking system. Not only will the vehicle stop quickly, the braking power is distributed in a way that the wheels will not lock up. At Malloy Ford, we have the new Ford Fusion Energi here so you can take one out for a test drive.



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