The Ford Super Duty Is A Fine Truck For Hauling And Towing

The Ford Super Duty is a tough truck that makes an excellent choice for those in the Charlottesville, VA area who want a truck that can tow heavy loads and haul heavy payloads. You can look at this truck at Malloy Ford and see the many features available with the Super Duty including powerful performance features and important safety features.

When it comes to towing and hauling capability, it's hard to beat the Ford Super Duty. This vehicle has a maximum payload capacity of 7,630 pounds. The truck also gives you a towing capacity of up to 21,000 pounds. This is more than enough capacity to tow large trailers.

If you tow trailers, you know that is can be difficult to back up and connect the trailer. The Super Duty offers help with trailer reverse guidance. Through a rear camera, you are given on-screen guidance in backing the truck directly to the trailer connection.

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