Handle Curves With Ease in the Ford Escape

Drivers who are looking for a capable vehicle that can take on winding roads without any problems should take a look at the new Ford Escape. The popular compact SUV has some unique performance features that are engineered to keep you safe and in control.

The Curve Control system is smart enough to know whether or not you're approaching a curve too fast. If it detects that your speed may cause stability issues around the curve, the Escape will slow down automatically. The throttle will be reduced. It works alongside the anti-lock brakes to bring the SUV down to a safer speed.

Another great feature available for Escape models at Malloy Ford of Charlottesville is Torque Vectoring. This system can give your vehicle more traction to combat the forces of gravity around a turn. Extra torque is transmitted to specific wheels. This helps to create more traction. It forces the SUV to lean towards the inner part of the curve and may help to prevent steering issues as well.



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