The 2020 Ford Explorer ST Has Something For Everyone

If you're seeking an all-around automobile that can handle all of your travel needs, then the 2020 Ford Explorer ST should be on your list. This SUV is based on high performance, and it has a superior powertrain that deliver great results.

If you have a family, then you can benefit because this SUV can seat as many six persons in its cabin. Premium leather has been used for the interior's upholstery. The ST badging helps to set the Explorer ST apart from its standard model. Easy access comes in the form of Push-Button Start. We can't forget to mention its heated steering wheel and second-row captain chairs. Wireless charging is available, or you can connect external devices to the smart-charge USB ports. In addition to that, there are multiple 12-volt power outlets.

This only scratches the surface to what the Explorer ST has to offer. Visit our location for a test drive if you dare.


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