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New Ford Models for Sale at Your Local Charlottesville, VA Ford Dealership

Shopping for a new car can be a time consuming process. However, finding the right dealership can provide you with the ultimate car shopping experience. If you are in the market for a new Ford vehicle such as the Explorer, F-150 or Mustang, you will want to visit our local Charlottesville, VA Ford dealership today. You will be able to learn more about the newest Ford vehicles as well as consult with the staff to get more information regarding purchasing options, maintenance, and beyond. Inventory is often changing, so it is beneficial to visit the dealership or browse our website selection on a regular basis so that you can find the new Ford vehicle you want to purchase or lease. 

Benefits of Buying a Ford Vehicle

When shopping for a new Ford model, you will need to consider your buying options. One of the options that you can look into is purchasing one of our Ford vehicles outright. As a consumer, buying a car makes a lot of sense as it will allow you to take advantage of some significant benefits. First, buying a new Ford vehicle will allow you to drive the car for as many miles as you want. This prevents you from managing mileage restrictions that are often part of a lease. Along with unlimited miles, buying a car new allows you to have resale value whenever you want to sell it. With resale value, you can use it as either a trade in, or sell it outright yourself, in order to purchase your next vehicle. Lastly, buying a car allows you to get a car that was never owned by someone else and is not likely to have any defects.

2022 Ford Lineup

Benefits of Leasing a Ford

While buying a new Ford vehicle has its advantages, leasing a Ford can also benefit some auto consumers. One of the main advantages of leasing a vehicle is that you can have all of your service needs met at no cost to you outside of typical things like oil changes and filter replacements. Since the vehicle is under warranty, the dealership will take care of all of the service at any time during the lease. Another reason to lease a car is that it allows you to drive a new car more often. Instead of owning a car for five or more years, leasing allows you to turn in the vehicle every couple of years and get the latest model which provides you with a new driving experience more frequently. Leasing a Ford also typically costs less in terms of money down and monthly payments.

Purchasing Tools for Your Next Ford

During the process of shopping for a new Ford vehicle, you will want to use some purchasing tools so that you can more easily determine what models are most affordable for you. Shoppers who are looking to get one of the latest Ford vehicles will want to use the credit application which allows them to determine the financing options they currently qualify for. Consumers can also use the used car value trade in estimator which allows them to find out what their vehicle is worth and how much they can put towards the down payment on a new Ford vehicle. You can also use the finance calculator in order to determine your interest rate and monthly payments as well. 

Contact or Visit Malloy Ford of Charlottesville for a Test Drive

If you are in the market for a new Ford vehicle, contact or visit Malloy Ford of Charlottesville today! You can consult with our fantastic sales team and any of our well-established managers to find out more about current inventory and available financing options. You can also come in for a test drive to get a feel for the Ford model of your choice and determine which vehicle is most appealing to you.