Discover The Used Vehicles Available for Purchase Today

Welcome to Malloy Ford of Charlottesville, where you will find a wide assortment of used vehicles available for purchase. Our selection of used cars includes sedans, SUVs, a variety of trucks, jeeps, coupes, and minivans. We even carry used luxury, convertible, and muscle cars for enthusiasts of that variety.

Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly sedan to get you to work or a family-friendly SUV, our selection of used vehicles is sure to meet your needs. We also carry a variety of standard and heavy-duty pickup trucks that can handle even the most challenging jobs. Off-road drivers will also be amazed at some of our used vehicles that can get you to where other vehicles can't.

Why Consider Purchasing a Used Vehicle Over A New One?

The single biggest reason to buy a used vehicle over a new one is that used cars typically cost much less money! You will save a significant amount by choosing to buy a used vehicle over a brand new one. Car buyers can save up to 50% of the price by simply purchasing a used vehicle. New cars depreciate rapidly, which means you can get a bargain price for a car that is only a few years old. A lower price will mean lower monthly payments for your vehicle.

Used cars can help you save money on taxes and fees that come with new vehicles as well. By buying used cars, you may be able to avoid all sorts of fees and taxes that are included with new vehicles. The lower value of used vehicles can also help you pay less on any taxes based on vehicle value. Used cars can even help you save money on automotive insurance premiums. The used car's value is less and will thus most likely cost less to insure.

Buying used does not mean you have to forego warranties. Depending on the condition and mileage of the used vehicle, it may still come with a valid warranty when you buy it. Additionally, you are able to purchase additional warranties on your own if you wish.

Get Quality Used Cars You Can Trust 

At our Ford dealership, we make sure that every used vehicle we put up for sale goes through a rigorous inspection to ensure it is safe and comfortable for our customers to drive in. We also make sure that every vehicle meets our stringent quality standards. This is why you can trust that our used vehicles will be a good bargain and be of good quality that you can rely on. 

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